Woodland Wonder Lightweight Activity Jumper


Woodland Wonder Lightweight Activity Jumper


The lightweight design of the ExerSaucer® Woodland Wonder provides a modern and creative environment for your little one. Portable and easy to move from room to room, it’s easy to take the fun with you! Your child will love the 13+ activities and you’ll love the wood accents and sleek design that complement your home décor. Lights, sounds and 360 degrees of spin keep your child entertained at every angle.

  • 13+ Fun Activities: A modern color palatte on the creative toys stimulates fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and core muscle development for sophisticated learning fun
  • Enhanced Springs: Provide lots of jumping fun
  • Sleek Design: Wood accents and a clean design aesthetic complement your home décor, making it more than just a toy
  • Slim & Lightweight: Moving from room to room is a breeze
  • 360° Seat Spin: Reaching, turning and stretching are all a part of your child’s development. The full-seat spin provides all-around fun
  • Delightful Lights & Sounds: Push the carrot or slide Benny the bunny’s ears back and forth for light and sounds. Toy has on/off switch
  • For children who can hold their heads up unassisted, approximately 4 months of age, up to 24 lbs.


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